Queer Mutiny Brighton are a loose bunch queers of all sexualities who meet regularly in Brighton to talk to each other, socialise and get active.  We’re a friendly DIY collective committed to fighting prejudice, linking up with other campaigns, learning from each other, creating alternatives and celebrating our queer selves. We’re into skill sharing, empowerment and having fun as we do your bit to change the world.  We’re definitely not into hierarchies, capitalism or assimilation.

Since we’ve been meeting, we’ve put on a variety of events that don’t revolve around mindless consumption, where community matters more than what we’re wearing, and where people talk about politics, the planet and stuff beyond gay life and fashion.

Interested in queer self defence? Joining local rad political actions? Band nights? Radical queer walking? Alternatives to Pride? Zine making of? Queer presence at EDO demos? Dildo-making workshops? Queer film nights? Discussions around queer identity? Critical massing? Stencilling? Networking with other rad queers up and down the country and around the world? Squishing the BNP into jelly? Organising collectively?  Maybe Queer Mutiny Brighton is for you!

mutineer n. a person who mutinies

The Queer Mutiny Brighton group meets at 6pm on (some)Thursdays in The Cowley Club

All meetings are 6:00 – 7:30 followed by a social & food.

The best way to check when meetings and socials are happening is via the Facebook Group.


Who we are

sissy boys, femme daddies, differently abled, differently angled, pansexuals, gender queers, glory hold seekers, butch princesses, boy dykes, activists, asexuals, corduroy fetishists, huggers, polyamourousites, SMers, vanillas, open-minded monogamists, heteroqueers, radical lovers, supermodels, butchies, poofters, powerlifters, dole bludgers, giro queens, wage slaves, punks, the unreligious, anarquists, guitar caressers, vegans, organic meatheads, hairdressers, libertarians, collectivists, artists, gardeners, perverts, freaks, tattooed sluts, virgins, refugees, pornstars, black bloc, pink bloc, indie queens, uncicilly partnered, transgender menace, trash drag, anti-fascists, pagans, ecowarriors, straightedgers, queeredgers, edgy queers, starfish, gutter trash, guerrilla girls, queer militia, parents, learners, bears, zamis, trysexuals, anarcho-feminists, post-modernists, pre-antiquarians, freestyle surrealists, drag kings, nurses… and anything else you choose to be.

One Response to “About”

  1. FreeBradManning March 12, 2011 at 11:35 am #

    What a great blog http://subversivebrighton.wordpress.com/
    As the government takes apart the welfare state we must all unite to fight back.

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